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Residential Solar Panel Installation Toronto Ontario

Looking to get residential solar on your home in Toronto Ontario? GoSolar Toronto is the solar company for you. We specialize in residential solar panel installation and serve the entire GTA. 

Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun. With the impacts of climate change becoming more prominent, renewable clean energy sources, like solar panels, are increasing in popularity. Residential solar panels provide numerous benefits to homeowners including lowering electricity bills, reducing carbon footprints, and increases in property values.

Solar installation is more affordable now than ever. With the multiple solar financing and solar incentives and rebates, the government is working to make solar panels affordable for everyone.

Average Ontario Residential Solar Statistics
Average Ontario Residential Solar Statistics

What kind of solar system do I need?

Solar Panel Installation Costs in Toronto Ontario

DC Solar System Size (kW) = Average daily energy usage (kWh) / Hours or sun per day (h) * 1.15 efficiency factor

To determine the size of solar system you need, first determine your daily energy kWh usage by adding your years worth of electric utility bills together and dividing it by 365. Next determine how much sun your city gets. Follow the equation above to finally determine the DC solar system size you need.

In Toronto Ontario, the average daily kWh usage is 32.9 kWh (the yearly average is 1,200 kWh). Toronto also averages 5.1 hours of sunlight per day. By applying these numbers to the equation: 32.9kWh / 5.1h * 1.15 = 7.41kW (system size needed).

How much space do I need to install solar panels?

Physical space required = DC Solar system size (kW) / Size of panel (in kW) * Physical size of panel (in sqft)

The average size of solar panels in Ontario is around 18 sqft and produces approximately 300watts of power (0.3kW). Traditionally, solar panels are installed on the roof, but they can also be installed on your yard if you have space.  Using the same data from the calculation above, the amount of space needed for an average residential solar panel system is: 7.41kW / 0.3kW * 18sqft = 444.6sqft (space needed to support your home's solar system).

How can you make money on your solar panels?

Net metering is a billing mechanism that gives credits to solar system owners for electricity they add to the grid. In simplest form, net metering is when a customer generates their own solar electricity during the day, use what they need to meet the requirements of the home (or other type of building), inject the rest into the electricity grid for credits, and then later consume energy from the grid (using their credits) when their solar is unavailable. If a homeowner generates more than they use in a month, they will receive a credit to apply against next month’s bill. If the solar system generates less than the homeowner uses, they will see a charge on their bill. Not all provinces have this and it saves homeowners lots of money, so take advantages while you can!

Net Metering Infographic

What are the eligibility requirements for Net Metering in Toronto Ontario?

You can apply for the Net Metering program if you’re a Toronto Hydro customer and meet the following conditions:

  1. You primarily generate electricity for your own use. You are not a party to a contract or agreement (other than the Net Metering Agreement) to sell electricity to Toronto Hydro's distribution system in whole or in part.
  2. Your electricity is generated entirely from renewable sources, such as water elevation changes, solar radiation, agricultural biomass, or a combination of these.
  3. You agree to sell to Toronto Hydro any excess electricity you generate.
  4. You are not reliant on Toronto Hydro to deliver the electricity you generate to your point of consumption.
  5. You meet all of the technical requirements outlined in the Process and Technical Requirement for Connecting Embedded Generation Facilities document published by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).

How much can I save on my bills?

One of the major selling features of solar is the ability to cut down or eliminate electricity costs. When determining how much a household can save on bills, it comes down to several factors such as the size and angle of your rooftop. However, the largest contributing factor is the local electricity rates. By switching to solar, the average Ontario homeowner can save up to 50% or more on electricity spending (this adds up to $1,000’s of dollars). 

If you want to calculate an estimate of how much you can save, you need to first look at how much you are currently spending on electricity in a year (keep in mind electricity rates increase yearly). Solar panels are an up-front investment but require little to no maintenance after installation. 

Ground VS rooftop solar panels - which is better for residential solar?

Solar Panel Installation Costs in Toronto Ontario

Rooftop Solar Panels

  • When being installed on shingles roofs, the roof should be a maximum of 10 years old and in great condition.
  • South facing roofs are the best location for solar panels. East and west facing roofs are good, but north facing rooftops are not great candidates.
  • The best roofs for solar panels have a 35 to 40 degree slant. Solar panels can be installed on flat roofs but the mounting system needed can raise the costs.
Solar Panel Installation Costs in Toronto Ontario

Ground Solar Panels

  • Expect higher upfront costs when installing ground panels vs rooftop panels.
  • Ground panels are often times more efficient because they can be placed at the ideal angle and location (45 degrees and south).
  • Ground solar panels have a longer lifetime and higher financial benefits (more sunlight exposure which means better ROI).
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