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Steps To Installing Solar Panels

Steps To Installing Solar Panels

Step 1: Get a Solar Quote

The first step to installing a solar panel system is getting quotes from multiple solar providers and installers. There are many solar installers in Ontario, so it’s a good idea to ask for various quotes. 

Tip: Don’t let the price be the deciding factor of which solar company to hire. Often, lower prices make for lower-quality work. While price does play a part, research each company and look at their reviews and recent work. GoSolar Toronto has outstanding workmanship and years of experience working with solar panels. Please fill out a quote form or call us to learn more about our solar panel installation.

Step 2: Initial Consultant and Assessment

After you’ve initially contacted us and booked a consultation, we can work on providing you with an accurate initial estimate for your system size and your home’s specific energy production capabilities. 

solar panel installer will visit your property at this stage to identify key factors. These include the best locations for solar panel installation (facing South, East, or West), calculating the proposed solar panel array’s precise azimuth and tilt angles, evaluating any potential shading from nearby trees or structures, and, most likely, taking some roof measurements.

Step 3: Solar Design and Quote

Once our on-site assessment has been completed, we can provide you with a system design and estimate specific to the specs that were gathered during our visit to your home. We consider everything, even your budget and the electricity requirements of your house. 

Creating an accurate quote and system design is an intricate and detail-oriented process that takes some time. From there, our design team will provide you with a drawing outlining what the solar system will look like on your home and an economic analysis of your project.

Step 4: Permits and Applications 

Once you’re comfortable with the price and system design, we will handle and submit all the necessary paperwork for permits so your project can proceed. This step includes contacting your local distribution company and obtaining the proper building permits. We will also help you submit your application for Net-Metering or other solar energy incentives programs.

Step 5: Installation and Activation

At this stage, we’ll work with you to set an anticipated date for your installation so you’ll know when to expect us. Our solar installers are experienced professionals that consistently meet all safety codes and up-to-date building standards.

A complete solar system installation will include mechanical integration (installation of roof flashings, rails, solar modules, etc.) and electrical connection (wiring of solar panels, strings, array, combiner boxes, wires, inverters, system disconnect, grounding, meter, etc.).

Step 6: ESA Inspection and Final Connection of your Solar System

An Electrical Safety Authority inspector will come to your home to ensure the solar panel system complies with the Ontario Electrical Code. This inspection will cover the equipment, wiring, conduits, grounding, system disconnect, and more. Your local hydro company will install a new two-way meter and connect your system to the utility grid once the ESA has approved the work.

After your system has been fully installed and connected and passed all inspections, your solar panel system is ready for use!

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